“Whoever welcomes a little child like this in My name welcomes me.”
Matthew 18:5


Justin is a happy preschool-aged boy who is always smiling. He was born in Africa and had lived in an orphanage from an early age. Nothing is known about his birth family since he was brought to the orphanage after being found abandoned in the streets. His adoptive parents have family members and coworkers who adopted from Africa. They also have friends who are missionaries and they have gone on short term missions trips to help them. Over time, Jeff and Brooke became interested in adopting a child from the African country of Burundi.

Jeff and Brooke began working with ECFA two years ago and were able to take placement of Justin in February 2017. He has adjusted remarkably well to living with his new family. He is a very intelligent child and has quickly learned English. His adoption worker says “he is a cute little guy who comes across as shy at first, but who easily fits in with his adoptive siblings”.

Justin likes all kinds of activities including riding his bike, playing on a soccer team, and playing fetch with the family dog. He also enjoys music and doing crafts. His adoptive parents say “Justin is a delightful child, personable, easy going, but full of energy”. They are so glad that they have had the opportunity to adopt him.

Justin’s story is just one of the many examples of how ECFA is responding to the needs of children and families in our world today. ECFA’s Adoption staff work alongside families in international and domestic adoption (special needs/older children/child welfare and infants). Other exciting adoption opportunities through ECFA are international, orphan hosting, and embryo adoption.  ECFA offers adoption services to Evangelical Christian families residing in Wisconsin and within a 60-mile radius of Illinois’ Wheaton office.

If you have a heart for or interest in adoption, and want to learn more about it, please contact Barbara Hellmer at 630-653-6400 or mail@evancfa.org.