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A Joyous Adoption

After their home study was completed by an ECFA adoption counselor, one of our couples connected with a young expectant mother who wanted to make an adoption plan for her unborn baby. The adoptive family traveled out-of-state to meet the birth mom at the hospital and take placement. After their arrival they found out that the baby’s mom had changed her mind and decided to parent her newborn. While saddened by this turn of events, they were asked by the hospital staff if they would consider another newborn baby.

This little guy was two months premature and has significant medical conditions. However, sensing God’s hand in this situation, the adoptive couple made the decision to welcome him into their family, which also includes their three little girls. The baby’s medical history is sketchy at best. Born to a homeless couple along the side of a road, he spent the first month of his life in the hospital’s NICU. He had difficulty regulating his heart rate, breathing, and eating normally.

Lauren, the family’s social worker, came alongside the adoptive couple, often praying with them and continually giving them emotional support. She found the adoptive parents to be down to earth, warm, and strong people of faith. Their little girls are bubbly, playful, and very sweet toward their baby brother.

We are so delighted that this little one is now in such a nurturing and loving family. We greatly appreciate your investment in our services which makes our work with children and families possible.


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