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We are Jonathan and Callie, and we own a home in Illinois, where we live with our dog, Maisie. Both our families live very close, and we see them often. Jonathan works partially from home and in an office nearby a couple days a week. Callie works for a Christian publisher in a nearby office, and at home usually one day a week.

Before getting married, both of us had always known we wanted to be parents; we have so much love to give and view children as one of the greatest gifts imaginable. Our hearts are so full when we think about the prospect of being able to play such an important role in your child’s story. It is something we will be forever grateful for, and something to cherish dearly.

We know adoption is made up of many hard decisions, and we want you to know that we are praying for you - that God will comfort you you and guide you to the right choice for your child, whether that is us or someone else. If that choice is us, please know this: we want to walk this path together with you and for your child to know you, love you, and to know that you love them.

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