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Abby’s Positive Comeback

Six months ago, Tiffany began providing casework services to “Abby” and her preteen age son, “Zack”. A DCFS investigator referred the case to ECFA after determining the family needed help because of a serious altercation that occurred in the home. Abby came from an unstable family herself and actually grew up in a residential treatment facility. She had a lot of unresolved hurt from her past that made it difficult for her to be an effective parent.

Tiffany found Abby to be resistant and challenging to work with at first. However, over time, she grew to trust Tiffany and came to realize that she had her son’s best interests at heart. Zack had been struggling with depression, ADHD, and behavioral problems. Fortunately, he began seeing a counselor and was able to engage with a socialization group of his peers.

Abby also meets with a counselor and has found her weekly self-help group to be very supportive. She and Zack now attend a local church and Abby is involved with a weekly bible study group. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, Abby lost employment for a period of time. Tiffany assisted her obtain funds through a grant to help her cover rent and living expenses.

Tiffany relates that Abby appears to be much happier now and smiles readily. She feels she has good supports in place and is much more engaging and outgoing with others. Zack is connecting in a positive way with peers and is doing well academically. Tiffany says he is funny, quick witted, and very likeable.

We are glad to be here to help parents and their children who are dealing with challenges and difficulties in their lives. We so appreciate your standing with us so that we can provide casework services, counseling, and other resources to families in need.


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