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Adopting Sarah into a Loving Home

“Sarah” is a beautiful little baby girl. Her birth father is uninvolved and her birth mother, “Lindsay”, is a single young woman with a supportive family. However, she did not feel she could adequately raise a child by herself, so she selflessly made a thoughtful adoption plan for her baby. The adoptive parents have a preschool age son, “Cody”, and Lindsay came to believe that this would be the perfect family for Sarah.

Lindsay and the adoptive parents met before the placement was made and continue to stay in contact with each other. Joyanna, their ECFA adoption social worker, says that they maintain a really good relationship. The adoptive mother used to be a teacher but has chosen to be a stay-at-home mom. The adoptive father is employed in the corporate world but fortunately is able to work from home much of the time. This has allowed the family to closely bond with one another.

Joyanna says that Sarah is very alert, happy, vocal and playful. She smiles readily at her older brother who is her very favorite person to watch. Cody is an active, sweet little boy who loves having a baby sister. The family enjoys going on walks together, coloring, and watching Disney movies. Before COVID-19, they liked going to the park to play and have family guests stay overnight. The adoptive parents are also involved with other young families at their church.

We are glad to have the opportunity to help build strong and healthy families. We greatly appreciate your investment in our services so that we can provide wonderful parents for children who need them.


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