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Adoption Program - 2021 Annual Report

Reflections on Oluwatoyin’s adoption into our family.....

“There is no doubt in our minds that Oluwatoyin’s adoption was divinely ordained. Every time we reflect on her coming to our home and family in the United States, we acknowledge the power of Almighty God in using us (her aunt and uncle) to become her adoptive parents.

Oluwatoyin was orphaned at the age of one when her parents transitioned into glory on August 21, 2004. This was sad and traumatizing for her, but through God’s ordained destiny for her, He empowered us to fill the void left by her parents. She remained in Nigeria with her grandmother until we received the clearance for her to come to the USA.”

On January 9, 2021, Oluwatoyin arrived in the United States accompanied by her Aunt Adeola. What a day of rejoicing as Adesoji’s and Adeola’s children, Ayokanmi, Irebambo, and Eyitayo welcomed and embraced their sister with love.

“We are eternally thankful to God for perfecting everything we needed for Oluwatoyin to reunite with us again as one family in the United States of America and for ECFA’s assistance. As firm believers in Almighty God, we know that every step is ordained by God. It was no coincidence that we would be the channel through whom God will use to help Oluwatoyin to fulfill God’s ordained destiny for her.” ~ Adesoji and Adeola


  • Cases Served 43

  • Home Studies Completed 8

  • Total Placements 9

    • Domestic 7

    • International 2 (1-Bulgaria, 1-Nigeria)

  • Total Persons Served 95


  • New Cases 7

  • Total Cases Served 17

  • Total Reunions 7


  • Cases Served 42

  • Home Studies Completed 10

  • Total Placements 5

    • Domestic 4

    • International 2 (1-Columbia)

  • Total Persons Served 102


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