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Brian & Orenza's Adoption Story

Brian and Orenza waited three years before God placed their daughter in their lives. While the waiting was long, they look back over the process and clearly see how God orchestrated the events. Orenza worked at ECFA in the early 2000s in foster care, later transitioning into another job involving mental health. Her daughter, Isabella, is on the autism spectrum, and Orenza knows that God placed her in their care for a reason due to her background in mental health.

Isabella was just 6 days old when Brian and Orenza brought her home on a Friday, and in 6 months they finalized the adoption. They have a good relationship with Isabella’s birth parents who met with Brian and Orenza and picked them to adopt Isabella. Orenza shares how Barb Hellmer helped the process along and continues to be a support for their family.

They know that for people seeking adoption that the right child is there and that God has a plan. It’s a testimony of God working in our lives, seeing the details, acting on behalf of the children that he created and loves. He knew Isabella’s needs even before she was born, and he put together Brian and Orenza to help meet those needs in their little girl.

Isabella will be 7 years old this year, and she loves the park, puzzles, play dough and other tactile play, and her iPad to name a few things. She’s very active, loves to run, climb, jump and dance.

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