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Debbie Receives Counseling

We are privileged to serve young women facing an unplanned pregnancy, parents wanting to adopt, and children in need of loving families. However, we also desire to serve individuals and families who are going through difficult times emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.

“Debbie” has been a single mother who raised her son on her own. She is meaningfully involved in her church and has felt a great deal of support from her small bible study group. She retired from a career in a school district and decided to move in with her son, his wife, and their young children.

Over time, tensions mounted between Debbie and her daughter-in-law to the point she decided to move out. However, she felt badly about her part in the disruption and sought counseling to talk about it with Julie, an ECFA therapist. Although it took time to work out her feelings, she was able to apologize to her daughter-in-law, reconcile with her, and begin to rebuild their relationship.

Julie describes Debbie as being a very kind, considerate, and loving mother and grandmother. She was humbled by the situation but wanted to work through the conflict in the right way. She also wanted to set a good example for her family, that seeking forgiveness is a God honoring way to restore a broken relationship.

Debbie is an individual of modest means and Julie is thankful for a special grant fund that enabled her to provide the counseling she needed. We are also grateful for your investment in our work and ministry to people with limited finances but who are in need of our help.


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