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Julie, our PSS counselor

Over the years, ECFA has provided pregnancy counseling services to thousands of young women facing unplanned pregnancies. The Agency has placed approximately 3500 children with loving adoptive parents. In the past, a great many children and families have benefited from the Agency’s foster care and intact family services. In addition, ECFA also provides counseling services to a wide age range of individuals from preschool age children to senior citizens.

Many of the individuals who come to us are economically disadvantaged and are unable to pay for counseling services from other providers. We are grateful that we can give these clients assistance from professionally trained therapists at low cost, or through our grants, at no cost.

Julie is one of ECFA’s therapists who works with children and adults of all ages. She has been treating a young woman who has struggled with an eating disorder for many years. “Sarah” has a distorted view of her body image and has been known as “the skinny girl” at her place of employment. Julie has helped her gain a healthier view of herself so that she can also be the nurturing parent she wants to be to her young son. During the past six months, Sarah has gained 15 pounds for the first time in the past 14 years. She has even needed to purchase new clothes to go along with her healthy weight gain.

“Cheryl” is another young woman Julie has on her counseling caseload. Julie has been helping her to work on her own feelings involving her mother’s chronic illness and Cheryl’s desire to succeed academically. Counseling has provided her with the stability and accountability she has needed to complete her high school education and prepare for the future. We greatly appreciate your financial partnership with us so that we can be here for those who need our help.


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