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Keeping Sandy’s Family Intact

“Sandy” is a single mom with two small children. She came out of the foster care system herself and did not learn how to be sufficiently independent as a young adult. Consequently, she became involved in an unhealthy relationship with an abusive man. Sadly, “Sarah” and “Connor” both witnessed domestic violence between their parents.

Their case was referred to ECFA and Tiffany has been working with Sandy for the past year. The children’s father is no longer involved with the family and Sandy has had to manage on her own. Tiffany has assisted her to find appropriate housing in a safe community as well as acquire home furnishings. Sarah is involved in a before and after school program and Connor is thriving in a new day care program.

Sandy has engaged in counseling and has taken meaningful steps in learning how to develop healthy relationships. She identifies as being a Christian and Tiffany plans to help her find a good church in the area. Sandy has worked as a full time supervisor in a retail store before COVID-19. She hopes to return to full time employment soon.

Tiffany says that Sandy comes across as shy and reserved at first. However, she is a warm person and enjoys helping others. She is a nurturing mother and makes sure her children are always well groomed and dressed appropriately. Sarah is a spunky, happy child who loves to talk. Connor relates well to other children and enjoys playing with his toys.

Sandy has made a great deal of progress over the past year and Tiffany says that she feels confident that she will do well in the future. We are so appreciative of your partnership with us as we reach out to help many parents and children in need during these challenging times.


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