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Trevor & Alicia's Adoption Story

Our adoption process started the same way as many other couples, but the way it turned out was not something that either of us could have foreseen. Soon after meeting each other at church 8 years ago, we got married and prayed that God would bless our marriage with a child. Even on our first date, we discussed our mutual desire to raise a child in the ways of the Lord.

As the years went by, we thought that perhaps God had other plans for our lives. We decided to stop focusing so much of our lives on having a child, and instead, to focus our lives on serving others; and if God had a child for us, then we would leave it in His capable hands.

Then, after hearing from a friend about their adoption experience through ECFA, we decided we would call to set up our first appointment, not knowing exactly what to expect. As Trevor said, “I was really nervous at first about the adoption process, and although there were a lot of steps in the process to adoption, working with ECFA made everything easy. And in short order, we were about as ready as we could be to adopt. Now, if only the emotional up and down part of waiting was that easy!”

As it turned out, the wait was not very long before we got the call last year about a baby girl who needed a home. We both prayed and felt God telling us that this little girl was the child God had for us, so we said yes, and the next day we met little baby Lydia. Our experience was best summed up by Alicia when she stated, ”We went through several trials and difficulties when we tried in our own timing and in our own ways. We are so thankful for God’s grace and His blessing of bringing Lydia into our lives. When my husband and I look at Lydia, we can’t help but think of the guardian angels that kept her safe. We praise God for all He has done and will continue to do through her life.”

–Trevor and Alicia

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