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2022 Annual Report - Adoption: Josh & Michelle

All children need a safe, nurturing home in which to grow up. ECFA’s adoption program offers training and support to families throughout their adoption journey, whether the adoption is domestic in Illinois or another state, waiting children in foster care, or children from another country.

“It has been a very blessed (albeit unpredictable and challenging!) journey that allowed us the privilege of adopting a sibling group of four. We also have three biological children, and have adored our days with our sweet seven. It has truly been an honor to watch God at work within all of our children, but especially for our children from a hard place. To see how the Lord provided needed healing has been nothing short of miraculous.

Through ECFA, God made a way where there was no way, and we became a licensed foster to adopt home. God continued to surprise us, and brought us Keysia in September of 2021. Keysia’s adoption was finalized on July 26, 2022. When asked her perspective on adoption, Keysia said, ‘My adoption was a great experience for me since I’ve never known what being adopted felt like. Being adopted feels like I know someone actually loves me. And I want other kids to feel loved too.’ To God alone be the glory!”

~ Josh and Michelle


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