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2022 Annual Report - PSS: "Amy's" Story

Names have been changed & photo is for illustration only

ECFA offers Pregnancy Support Services (PSS) to affirm life and come alongside mothers, couples, and families throughout a woman’s pregnancy and up to a year after the baby’s birth. For a new client, PSS is unlike most other home visiting programs because the only two criteria for admission into the program are to be pregnant or recently given birth, and be residing in the Chicagoland or Southeastern Wisconsin areas. PSS offers emotional support, counseling, and education regarding parenting or adoption. PSS also offers baby items to those clients in need of material support.

“Amy” called PSS due to her second pregnancy and needing housing assistance. She had just moved to the area from out of state to get away from a domestic violence situation with her former boyfriend. During the first session with her PSS worker, Julie, Amy was informed of a housing program that might work well for her. Shortly after that first session, she moved into that long-term housing facility with her daughter.

Once housing was no longer an issue, Amy began to focus on her mental health needs with Julie, as well as attending school, working a part-time job, and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. She had a high-risk pregnancy and delivered her son “Daniel” a month premature. Fortunately, he did not need intervention from the NICU team. Amy greatly appreciated getting to meet bi-weekly with Julie for emotional support and parenting education. She now feels confident in her ability to parent her two children well. Amy’s current life goals are to finish college, maintain her mental health, and obtain a car to meet the transportation needs for her young family.

Julie believes that Amy has made major strides in overcoming the challenges she had throughout her pregnancy. Julie says that Amy prioritizes her children’s needs and has been adjusting well to balancing her school, work, and parental responsibilities.


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