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2022 Fall - True To Life: In Fond Memory

Dr. Alma Labunski

Over the summer we lost 2 beloved ECFA Board members. Dr. Alma Labunski served on our Board of Directors from May 5, 1999, until the she passed away in July of 2022. She also served on the Board of the ECFA Foundation, served on ECFA’s Finance Committee, and was the Chairman of the Personnel Committee. Dr. Labunski had a heart for the staff of ECFA and always shared her love and appreciation for what they do. Dr. Labunski served on numerous boards of various organizations which she chose based on her love for people and her love for the Lord. Dr. Labunski was tiny but mighty! When she spoke, people listened due to how much they respected her. We are grateful for the many years she dedicated to ECFA. She will be greatly missed.

Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy served on ECFA’s Board of Directors from November 2000 to June of 2021. She served as the secretary of the Board for many years and also was a member of the Social Services and Executive Committees. ECFA was very special to Pat and her husband Charlie as they adopted seven of their childrn through ECFA. Pat always had a smile on her face, enjoyed attending various events of ECFA with Charlie in both Illinois and Wisconsin, and loved the work being done. Pat will also be greatly missed.


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