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Akila receives help through PSS

We feel privileged to be asked to serve women from many different races and ethnicities who face unplanned and challenging pregnancies. “Akila” and her husband are Coptic Christians and left Egypt as legal immigrants to the United States. When Akila found out that she was pregnant with their third child, it was overwhelming to her because of the family’s financial situation. She was referred to ECFA’s Pregnancy Support Services (PSS) for help.

Her pregnancy counselor, Julie, was able to work with Akila with the assistance of a translator from a local church. In addition to facing an unexpected pregnancy, Akila had serious medical issues including gestational diabetes and a gall bladder condition. Because her baby was born premature, she needed to stay in the hospital while Akila returned home. This was an especially difficult time for her and Julie was there to provide her with emotional support.

Julie is also coaching Akila in how to be an effective parent which she has found to be very helpful. Julie describes Akila as being a little shy but grateful for the assistance she has been receiving from PSS. Julie says that she is a very sweet person and a devoted mother who is willing to do anything for her children. Her husband works full time to support the family but is also very involved with the care of their kids.

Their son is in kindergarten and has been limited to e learning due to the pandemic. Their older daughter is a preschooler and their baby is home now and has just turn one month old. Julie continues to be there to support the family in both practical ways and with counseling support. We greatly appreciate your partnership with us as we provide much needed assistance to individuals and families with various needs in our community.


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