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Counseling Lindsay

We always feel encouraged when one of our clients shows progress during the time they are in counseling with us. Sometimes changes happen quite quickly, but more often than not it takes time for our therapists to develop a trusting relationship with those they seek to serve.

“Lindsay” was first referred to our Intact Family Services Program for an indicated report of neglect of her young son. At the time, she had been going through a difficult separation from her husband, was drinking in excess, and had a severe eating disorder. Her therapist, Julie, focused on meeting Lindsay where she was at. It took time for Lindsay to begin to trust Julie and feel confident that she was working in her best interests.

Julie helped Lindsay see the issues complicating her eating disorder. Over time she began to realize her own personal worth and that she did not need to be “the thinnest person in the room.” She began to develop a healthier lifestyle so she could be a better mother to her little boy. Over the past few months she has shown significant progress, began working closely with her doctor, and even has been able to gain twelve pounds.

Julie says that Lindsay is a very loving and nurturing mom. Her home is practically immaculate, she has age appropriate toys for her son to play with, and she makes sure he has a nutritious diet. Her relationship with “Jimmy’s” father also has improved so that they can successfully share parenting responsibilities.

Lindsay has been able to balance her working schedule with her role as a mother. She engages easily with others and is very social and outgoing. We are grateful for your partnership with us as we reach out to serve young parents and children in need.


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