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Ivy’s Adoption Story

Ivy is a very sweet little baby girl. Her adoptive parents say she is playful, happy, and smiles readily. They had the opportunity to meet her birth mother and have a very positive relationship with her. They are so glad she chose them to be her daughter’s parents.

Ivy just loves her older brother Sebastian who likes to refer to her as “sissy” or “baby sister”. Whenever Ivy fusses he is quick to come to comfort her. Her parents say that Sebastian is Ivy’s favorite person in the whole world. He often plays “peek-a-boo” with her and enjoys singing to her.

Ivy is developmentally on target. She especially likes laying on her play mat, being in her swing, and of course watching Sebastian. Fortunately, the adoptive dad is able to work from home so he stays actively involved with the children. He is somewhat reserved but a very kind and sensitive person who is determined to provide well for his family.

The adoptive mother enjoys being a stay-at-home mom, although she continues to teach online. She is very easygoing, adventurous, and down-to-earth. The family enjoys spending an abundance of time together, coloring with chalk on their sidewalks and watching Disney movies. They are actively involved in their local church as much as possible during these times when restrictions are in place.

We are so grateful for Christian families who seek out ECFA services. And it is through your partnership with us that we are able to provide pro-life pregnancy support services and the opportunity for little ones to find loving adoptive parents.


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