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Pregnancy Support Services - 2021 Annual Report

The Pregnancy Support Services (PSS) program considers it a great honor to work alongside women, couples, and families as they navigate an unplanned pregnancy or challenges during their pregnancy or after delivery.

Our social workers offer life affirming options of parenting or adoption, and provide counsel, education, and support during pregnancy and up to one year after delivery. “Emily” experienced her first pregnancy 5 years ago. At this time, Emily was involved in an unhealthy lifestyle of poor relationships, drug use, and instability. After delivering her son, “Logan”, she quickly decided that she was not equipped to parent her little one. In an act of complete selflessness, she chose to place Logan with a Christian adoptive family through ECFA.

Fast forward to present day. Emily is actively parenting her second son, “Jimmy”, with some family support. Emily has maintained employment for several months, she has maintained her sobriety, and is able to provide Jimmy with the much needed stability of a loving home. Emily has been very involved in PSS for the past year and has grown a lot in her maturity, parenting knowledge, and confidence. Emily faithfully meets with her PSS worker weekly and has completed the Nurturing Program for Parents and their Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers. Completing this curriculum is no easy task as it is quite long at 50 chapters.

Soon, Emily will end services, and will “step down” to the PSS mentoring program, which will continue to provide support and guidance. This mentor relationship will help ensure that Emily has the necessary tools to continue to parent her son well and encourage her toward greater independence.


  • Cases Served 66

  • Mothers Parenting 63

  • Mothers Placing 0

  • Infants in Baby Care 0

  • Total Persons Served 149


  • Cases Served 16

  • Mothers Parenting 13

  • Mothers Placing 2

  • Infants in Baby Care 1

  • Total Persons Served 48


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