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The Importance of Children Knowing They are Adopted and Having Contact with Their Birth Family

Meet Beverly Stob who was adopted through ECFA in 1960. Bev’s story reflects God’s amazing provision for a mom experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and for the baby who needed a loving, Christian home where she could learn about Jesus.

“I knew from my earliest memory that I was adopted, and that I was special. My parents read books to me that talked about adoption as being a normal way to come into a family. I knew from the beginning that I was loved and wanted. Back in the 60’s closed adoptions were the norm. The adoption records, including my original birth certificate, were sealed by the court. There were no ongoing parent-child visits as there are today. Though I loved my adoptive parents dearly, I was still curious, as are most adopted children, about my birth parents. I wondered who were they, what did they look like, do I look like them, etc. It wasn’t until I was about 25 years old, married with one child, that I seriously began a search for my birth mother; and, after six very focused months, I was able to locate and contact her. Before actually meeting her, I prepared myself for the possibility that she may not want to meet me, she may reject me. I wondered if I could handle the rejection if that was the case. God knew my heart and my concerns. I trusted Him that He would be by my side whatever the outcome. To my joy, my birth mother received me with open arms.

The story continues in that I wanted both moms to meet which they eventually did, within one year after my first encounter with my birth mother. They also received each other with open arms. My adoptive mom thanked my birth mom for the gift of being allowed to raise me. My birth mom thanked my adoptive mom for providing a wonderful Christian home for her daughter. My own daughter, three years old at the time now had an extra grandma to love on her.

I have learned a lot about my birth family’s history since reconnecting with my birth mother and extended family. I am truly grateful that God has allowed me to have the relationships with my birth family, but I also praise God for the amazing family He provided for me in regard to my adoptive parents, sibling, and extended family. I am truly blessed.”


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