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Treat Yo' Self

“Treat Yo’ Self” is a phrase that I first heard years ago on the TV show “Parks and Recreation.” Although the phrase can be used to justify overspending or “splurging,” it has turned into a phrase that I use with others in my life to encourage self-care. In a world that is constantly moving, always busy, and frequently demanding more and more from you, taking time to care for your emotional and physical well-being is often considered a luxury. However, I (and many researchers, professionals, doctors, etc.) submit that it is a necessity. The areas of self-care include: physical, emotional, mental/intellectual, spiritual, social, relational, and safety/security. Self-care, in all forms, is crucial to overall health and well-being.

So “treat yo’ self,” and spend time taking care of yourself. Find something that brings you joy, call that friend who you have not seen in a few months, take a walk in the sunshine, finally read that book on your nightstand, or join that small group at church.

Whatever self-care looks like for you, try to be purposeful and set aside the time (and energy) you need. It is so easy to get carried away with the “I just don’t have the time’s” or the “maybe when things slow down’s,” but do not let the “busy” of life get in the way of the joy of life. One thing I have learned is that I schedule most everything in my life, so in order to take care of myself, I also need to find make room for “me time” in my schedule.

Again I say, “treat yo’ self.” Recognize when you need a mental break.

“Treat yo’ self.” Make steps towards a personal goal.

“Treat yo’ self.” Reach out to the positive supports in your life.

“Treat yo’ self.” Sign up for that dance/water-coloring/spin/language class.

“Treat yo’ self.” Plan a vacation or mini trip.

“Treat yo’ self.”


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