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Word of Mouth

Most often when I am looking for a new service, I ask around to find the place that someone has already tried and approved. Car services, coffee, resale stores, the doctor. It will save me time and energy and, possibly, a headache if I can use a service that someone else has given the approval stamp.

I don’t think I am out of the ordinary (in this regard at least). We are a busy people living in a busy time. Chances are better that if I ask someone I like or trust about a service they like or trust, I will also like or trust the same service.

After working for Pregnancy Support Services, I have learned the importance of “Word of Mouth” referrals. Many of our referrals come from “my mom’s friend who adopted” or “my friend you helped when she was pregnant.” I always appreciate these referrals because 1. That’s someone we get to help and 2. Someone gave us the approval stamp!

Thank you to all of those that have referred our services. Thank you for your approval stamp! You are all important in making sure that women and families who could use some extra support during their pregnancy, can find our services.


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